Project Partners

The Royal Leicestershire RegimentThe Royal Leicestershire Regiment

The Royal Leicestershire Regiment was an infantry regiment. It was formed in 1688 and served with distinction around the world until being merged into The Royal Anglian Regiment in 1964. Since 1825 it was known by its famous nickname “The Tigers”. Further details can be found on the History page of this website.

Leicester City CouncilLeicester Arts & Museums Service

This blog is run and maintained by Leicester Arts & Museums Service. Our social history museum, Newarke Houses Museum have galleries dedicated to The Royal Leicestershire Regiment and will also be hosting WWI centenary events between 2014 -2018.

WWI CentenaryImperial War Museum – First World War Centenary 

One hundred years on, we are all connected to the First World War, either through our own family history, the heritage of our local communities or because of its long-term impact on society and the world we live in today.

From 2014 to 2018, across the world, nations, communities and individuals of all ages will come together to mark, commemorate and remember the lives of those who lived, fought and died in the First World War.

IWM (Imperial War Museums) is leading the First World War Centenary Partnership, a network of local, regional, national and international cultural and educational organisations.

HLF Funded

Very special thanks must be given to Lilian Upton who singled handedly transcribed all of the letters which run to over 174,000 words. Without her tireless work this project would not have been possible.

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