Notes About the Letters

Coloured Text

Red text is used for later pencil additions by Hills’ Mother.

Green text is used for words which the transcriber was unsure of.

Blue text is used for the transcriber’s notes.


The letters are presented here exactly as they were written and this will explain some inconsistencies in spelling and punctuation. Every effort has been made to proof read the text and we have tried to present it as faithfully as possible to the letters. With such a large amount of copy, some typographical errors may have gone unnoticed for which we apologise.

Glossary of Words, Terms and Phrases

There are many words and phrases used in the letters that may sound unusual or be unknown to many of our readers. You should be able to look up any of these on-line if you are unsure of the meaning but for your convenience you can download this PDF: JD Hills Letters Glossary, which contains over 400 explanations and are marked by the date of the letter in which they appear. Many thanks to Lilian Upton for producing this document.


1 thought on “Notes About the Letters

  1. If this is of interest, then you probably will also be interested in where the letters of several members of a family back home are being published on the day of writing. You can also get these sent as an email and is a fascinating insight into the various theaters of the great war.


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