26 November 1918

Very many thanks for a host of letters. We work hard all the morning, repairing the ravages of war, and play games during the afternoon, leaving Orderly Room until the evening when there is enough work to terrify the bravest man.  Lt. Col. Griffiths has got a D.S.O. – good for him, and we are all every pleased.  Rugby football has started.  Last Friday we had a sort of pick up performance in the Battalion.   I turned out just to see how my knee would stand it.   Finding that it stood very well I repeated the performance the following day.  On Sunday a Brigade team was challenged by the 14th Tank Battalion and I was asked to play in my old place – left wing ¾.   It was a grand game but they had played together often and we are only a scratch side.   They won 5 pts. to 3 – i.e. a goal to a try.  I ended up with my vest off and covered in bruises but it was simply great and I have not enjoyed myself so much for a long time.  The knee stood it without a murmur.  I shall now play at every possible opportunity.  We have a new padre – one Walton by name.  He arrived last night & plays Rugger so there is hope for him.

Letters Dec. 4th & 6th no news.

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