13 November 1918

I suppose the war is now more or less at an end – at all events it is hardly likely that active hostilities will be resumed at the conclusion of the Armistice. There has been a marked lack of excitement about the finish, and all ranks are going about their daily jobs very quietly and contentedly.  The only question that exercises our minds now is whether or no we are for Germany.  Who is to be the Army of occupation?  Everybody is asking.  Personally I shall not mind a bit seeing some new country and I think most of the men are quite keen on seeing Boche land.   You doubtless saw in the official communique a few days back that Leicestershire Troops captured a battery at the point of bayonet.  It is good to think that this Battalion was about the last to be mentioned in a daily despatch – at all events we were fighting up to the bitter end.   We are moving today out of our comfortable billets and shall probably be trekking for a day or two.  However I expect we shall be more or less comfortably housed wherever we are.  There ought to be no heed now to bivouac on a mud-heap.

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