14 October 1918

Very many thanks for several letters.   There are several of the Rgt. about.   Brooke & Sloper are both at P of W Hospital Marylebone.   Col. Griffiths is at the Russian Hospital in S. Audley St.   Do get Dad to go and see him – do go yourself – you will find him very refreshing & most cheerful.   Give him my love and tell him he is dead sure of a D.S.O.   I will come & see him when I get leave.  Johnson is ours all right.   Did Dad see Brooke?  You said he was going to do so.  Up to the present there is no sign of Col. Wood but I expect him back any minute – we need him very badly.   Petch will probably be home soon, also Barrett – in fact the latter is already in England.   Petch’s wound is not serious but he had fever with a temperature of 106.6!   Mace, Parsons and Buckley are also somewhere about and I daresay will get to London Hospitals.  I hope Dad will go and call on any he hears about.    Ashdowne has gone on leave – I meant to tell him to call on No 16 but forgot, perhaps he will do so in any case – a funny lad but a very good sort and “one as will stand by one”.   We have an excellent H.Q. with a real porcelain bath and a carpet or two.  It has been very interesting liberating civilians who have had the Boche since 1914.  They are very pleased to see one, and so everything they can to be helpful – particularly to the wounded.   The country looks very nice and the weather today has left nothing to be desired, so everything is excellent.   I keep on dropping off to sleep as I write – so I must stop.

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