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12 October 1918

We are now at rest and I hope in a day or so to be able to write a respectable letter – unless of course we are rushed off to battle “toute de suite”. I am no longer in Command, one Dyer Bennett having arrived.  However, I was C.O. for 6 days including a battle or two which were very successful.   I am now once more Adjutant – my proper job.  Very fit and well, and hoping to get home soon.   Have had extraordinary luck – Ashdowne, Banwell, Dennis and myself are the only officers who have been through whole of last fighting and two – B. and D. had slight wounds.   One serious loss during last few days has been that most delightful little man the Doctor who was killed tying up a wounded man.  Yesterday was the worst day, and yet the very best day I have ever had in this war – some time I will tell you all about it.   Col. Wood should be back on Thursday, & then for LEAVE.  I cannot quit here until there is someone at the wheel who knows all about the Btn.