30 September 1918

Just a very hurried line scribbled at the bottom of a Boche dug—out – unshaved & unwashed for 3 days but feeling uncommonly fit.   Moreover victorious as perhaps you have already gathered from the papers.   The Btn has fought two battles in the last few days – in fact since I last wrote – and has done magnificently on both occasions. In the first, five platoons of ours – at the most 130 men – went clean through a village held by 3 Boche battalions, brought out some 150 prisoners , and killed most of the rest.   I don’t believe any troops ever fought better; certainly none could have been in better spirits.  They all enjoyed themselves.  Even the wounded were yelling with delight and cheering others on.   I never want to see better men.    The second was a larger show, and is now history, so I need not tell you anything about it. Padre Buck was wonderful – led a large body of men who had gone astray in the fog, and got them into the fight in spite of a barrage – went off to rescue a man from a blazing tank, and got hit, died soon afterwards.   He was one of the bravest men that I have ever met.  Tomson I am afraid is also killed.  Our casualties were very slight and we had our “tails well up”: no time for more – are working all of us with little sleep and lots of work.


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