23 September 1918

Another lengthy epistle less period: this time there is an excuse. It may have been presumptuous on my part but I was foolish enough to imagine that I should be back in England before any letter I could write could reach you.  However as often happens with sudden alarms it could not be manage when the time came, and I shall have to wait a few days – not more than a week or two at the most I hope.     The magazines I sent you are not the outcome of this Division but another: I must say I think some of the articles very clever indeed.   We have never run to anything of the sort though I dare say we could raise plenty of talent if we tried.  I see Gaury is wounded again.  I cannot find out how serious but hope he is not bad – it is about his fifth wound – or sixth, I am not sure which – he is a most unfortunate person.   Banwell and Tomson are both back from leave looking very fit – the former has not completely recovered from his wound and is ready for anything.  He really is a most splendid person.  Our horses have been having rather a rough time lately and poor old Susan Jane, alias Hon. Sybil alias Lady Mary etc etc is somewhat dejected.   She went about 32 miles in 8 hours yesterday, so is proboably hardly fit to ride today.   However we shall see presently.


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