9 September 1918

Another week without writing, I am really becoming a bad lot.   However we have fought a battle and won a great but bloodless victory during that time so have not done too badly.   It was a good show and our only complaint is that the Boche ran so fast that we could not catch them.   Everybody enjoyed themselves which is the great thing.  We have a new general – Thwaites having been appointed to some job or other in the W.O.  Boyd is his name, very young and I think a most excellent person, but time will show.  We might do far worse than our former monocled one.      We had a most tremendously exciting paper-chase yesterday afternoon on horseback.  It was a very long run and the Major who led the hounds went much too fast for most of us.  However I watch my opportunity and made one or two useful short cuts.  Then we had a great moment when we ran smack into the hares in the middle of a village.   We gave chase but the mare came down and rolled on me.   I got off very luckily with two sprained fingers & a stiff wrist but the mare went lame with a cut knee so we walked home. Rotten bad luck just as we stood a very good chance of catching the hares.  Leave prospects are distinctly brighter and I may get away before the middle of October.  I shall of course take my turn as soon as it comes unless we are in the middle of a fight or likely to have one in a few days.   I am so much part of the regiment that I won’t miss a battle even for leave – the latter can be postponed, & the former cannot.  We were to have had a Brigade Ceremonial Church Parade today but fortunately it rained.  I say fortunately because I don’t much care for lengthy ceremonials at Church Parade.   It means usually standing about for hours and getting thoroughly bored.


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