2 September 1918

Very many thanks for several letters, none of which I have had time to answer.   We are not back in the line again after our “rest” so I have for the first moment got time to turn round and think.  Griffiths is back from leave and in Command.  Jack, the Doctor, is also back, and as usual, very cheery. Ashdowne has gone for a week to Paris Plage for a bit of a rest. I saw the Colonel in hospital 3 days ago. The operation had gone off very satisfactorily though they had to cut away a large piece of the back of his head.  He has probably got to the Base by now and ought to be in England very soon.  He was very cheerful and does not think he will be away more than a few weeks, thought with head wounds it is not easy to say anything for certain.  The finals of the Bde boxing tournament went off extraordinarily well on Saturday.  We tied with the 5th Lincolns at the end for 31 pts a piece. It was eventually decided by our best bruiser fighting their best bruiser in a third round.  Our man won.   The G.O.C. gave away the prizes.  We carried off the open, middle, feather, and bantam weights – 1st & 2nd in the officers – the Bde Cup & the Sports Cup. This only left the heavy – light-heavy – and lightweights for the other two Regiments.  The weather has changed somewhat suddenly and it is quite cold today – with a few showers and at intervals – quite wrong for September according to my way of thinking.  It is very interesting and exhilarating to have the old Boche giving up the ground that cost him so much to win early in the year.  All the time I have been in France until now, I have had to sit and look at his beastly line, & wonder whether I should ever see the other side of it – now at last we are able to walk over ground we have been looking at.   Only a few days ago I was looking at the squashed remains of a room from which I wrote to you somewhere about the 1st or 2nd of December 1915!  It looked somewhat different then.


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