26 June 1918

Many thanks for your letter – I am sorry I had not written for a week; I was afraid it was a longish time but had not realized it was as terrible as all that. I will try and be better in future.  Just at present there in nothing doing and consequently nothing to write about.  I am still at Corps. HQ. and am having a rest. The work does not please me very much and I shall be very glad to get back at the end of my fortnight.  Cole is much better having been very bad indeed for a day or two. I expect his arm, or rather what is left of it, will take some time to mend.  He is very plucky over it all but will probably go through a stage of the most awful depression later on. I have written to D.A.D.M.S. London District to try and persuade him to get him into 27 Grosvenor Sq.   I know he will be well looked after there. My new batman is turning our extraordinarily satisfactory and if he keeps on at his present rate will bid fair rival to the great Bosworth himself.  He is very keen on his work and looks after me in a most fatherly way. The only fault is I think a too great respectability – a fault for which his predecessor was also famous. I understand that there have been a large number of new officers since my departure, all of them are doubtless awaiting my return with a considerable amount of fear and trepidation.


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