16 June 1918

Very many thanks for several letters, a parcel of very welcome books and chocolate – I am eating the latter while I write – and also for the two letters from the School-people.   I am at present having a rest.   I don’t need one but my temper lately has been so bad and my language so unprintable that I was told to take one and packed off here.   Here is HQ. 1st Corps.  One of the General Staff Officers is on leave so I am keeping is office chair warm for him – a poor game really but I suppose very restful.   Eyes get tired very quickly and are not right yet so I don’t mind.   I am here for a fortnight within a stone’s throw of the Btn. So don’t alter the address on my letters, it is not worth while.  This afternoon I am going to try and fine Ganny, I believe he is not very far away. I had a letter from Mrs de G to say that he was not seriously wounded and had returned to duty. I don’t expect I shall find him but it will give me something to do.


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