7 June 1918

Very many thanks for two letters – I have been having quite a large post lately, several of the old hands having written – people one had almost forgotten. The weather has not yet broken, though it is cooler today and there are one or two ominous looking clouds about – I expect we shall have rain before very many hours are out. There is no news – we have got one or two new officers – one of them only 19 and never been out before – a rarity these days, and one well having as a rule, as his first time keenness ought not to have worn off – I hope not at all events. The Padre has returned from leave, he seems to have managed to enjoy himself in England, and there does not appear to have been much difficulty about obtaining food.   I don’t suppose his wants are very luxurious or very numerous.  My eyes are still not quite right – nothing seriously wrong but weak, watery and bloodshot – they get very tired is I do much work with them, reading, writing etc.  The glare of the sun is also at times rather grim.   We are having a comparatively peaceful time and for once in my life I have been a little bored at having nothing very particular to do for an hour or two during the day.


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