29 March 1918

Some time I am afraid since I last wrote but it could not be helped.   I hope this fact coupled with the mention of the Regiment in the recent fighting did not lead you to believe that I was in the show.  We are not – it is another Btn. I only hope we can do as well if ever our time comes – they seem to have fought absolutely brilliantly.    No – we are not in it.  We have moved a little since I last wrote but are still in territory with which we are all more or less familiar.  There has been a lot of work once the battle started, all the staff and other people of all the formations began to wonder whether a similar sort of thing might not be going to happen on their front. Consequently one has had to be on what is I believe called the “qui vive”.   That is to say the Adjutants’ ear never leaves the telephone, and he gets horribly little sleep.   However I always have thrived on none at all – so that doesn’t worry me much. We came into this place last night with the rain and wind absolutely torrenting down on us.   I have seldom seen a fiercer night.  Most of HQ came in soaked to the skin but with my coats & legs & things I managed to keep dry myself. Wade, the Brigade Major, has gone and got promotion – his place has been taken by one Hill – I don’t know anything about him.  I wonder what he will be like.  His attitude and manners and customs make all the difference to the easiness and smoothness of my work – or the reverse.  No time for more now, in any case I don’t seem to be able to write English today – so will stop. The show down South is going very well.


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