24 March 1918

The weather is absolutely lovely – real spring at last. Even in this old ditch we are living in at present one can get the warmth of the sun and thoroughly enjoy it.   This stupid country does not keep any thrushes or birds that make a sensible noise, so we cannot get the proper spring effect.  However it is very nice feeling really warm – though it can still be somewhat chilly at night.  We managed to get a Battalion dinner last night and spent quite a good evening together, with a little singing afterwards.  Old Huskisson was over from Bde HQ as a guest and made a very amusing little speech.   He is a good chap and it is a great pity they don’t make him Staff Captain.  Col. Currin has got command of a Battalion of Sherwood Foresters in this Division, so we shall not altogether lose sight of him. They are a lucky Btn and ought to do jolly well.  I am afraid this may be rather a “black week” at home from the news point of view. I do not think there is any need to worry. What has happened is what one would expect to happen when one takes into consideration the enormous number of troops the old Bosch has been able to concentrate.  He is losing terribly heavily and cannot possibly keep up the pressure. I daresay we shall be able to ring a joy bell or two yet before very long.

‘Rather a “black week” at home from the news point of view’ probably refers to First Battle of Bapaume (24–25 March 1918)


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