18 March 1918

Today has been absolutely lovely. Glorious sunshine and very warm all day long.  I went for a lengthy ride with Old Man Currin this afternoon all over the shop, and ended up by doing a bit of shopping.  He was in great form, and is always a most amusing companion.   He has just been to dinner with us.  I nearly lost my assistant Adjutant yesterday – not to mention my old and esteemed friend the Worthy Jim Griffiths. They were sitting in a sort of shelter place when a shell came through the roof – and went out of the wall on the opposite side. Both got scratched a little with bits of roof and Dunlop got a slight “biff” on the side of the head, but the shell failed to explode and no serious damage was done.  John Burnett is going away on a course for six weeks or so and Moore may go to England for a 6 months rest, so if anything were to happen to Jim Griffiths I should have to occupy the exalted but unenviable position of 2nd in Command.  In any case I shall probably have to do so while he is on leave, unless Moore has not gone by that time. We still have an extraordinarily good leave allotment – too good in fact to last. I expect there will be very much fewer going next month and for the following month or so after that.   I shall begin to think about my next leave very soon!  My mare improves daily and is now much less lazy than she was. She is still somewhat out of condition, but my groom returns form leave tomorrow and I expect then to see a big improvement.


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