16 March 1918

Just a line or two as long as I can keep awake, It is not yet dinner time but I am extraordinarily sleepy – often the case for the first day or two in rest after a longish tour in trenches. There is always so much interesting work to do in the line, that I get little or no sleep some nights and makeup for it when we come out. Our last tour in trenches ended up in great style with two Bosches to our credit. He came nosing around our wire entanglements with a small patrol for some unknown reason, and selected for this escapade the very part of our line held by my old no 14 platoon. “Fourteen” were always a blood-thirsty lot and they lived up to their reputation.  Letting drive with a machine gun they managed to bring one down with a hole in his leg and captured the other unhurt.  The first I heard of it was at about 2.15 AM when I was woken up to hear the news and found myself two seconds later to my great surprise confronted by a beautifully dressed German non-commissioned officer.   I struggled out of bed, lit a candle and forthwith set fire to the newspaper tablecloth.   Blow it out I could not, but a grey-gloved hand descended in a dignified manner and squashed the flame – A most remarkable German.  Everybody is of course very “bucked” about it, and I expect we shall have a “celebratory” dinner.  The “Drums” performed this evening at “Retreat” in great style. The fifes appeared for the first time and were really jolly good; everybody was surprised and pleased – not to say electrified.  If they go on at their present rate of progress, they will be easily the best rums in the Division in a week or two: I am not sure that they are not the best now.   I am going to have dinner with F Coy this evening – I hope I shall not go to sleep in the middle of it all – that would be most impolite and undignified.


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