11 March 1918

The good weather still continues uninterruptedly and if it were not for the frosts at night one might imagine oneself at least 2 months ahead. Col. Currin should have returned from leave today and as they have not up to the present found any job for him, I expect he will have another two months or so in England.   If the weather lasts he well be a very lucky man.  We are all flourishing here and only wondering when this great and much news-papered German offensive is going to begin. It may rain if he doesn’t start soon, and it is always a poor game trying to do a big attack in bad weather.  I expect there is much speculation at home as to when it will come: everyone over your side seems to take it for granted it will come sometime and somewhere.  I see Charterhouse has had rather a bad show with a top floor burnt – it must have got a very good hold before being discovered or doubtless it would have been got under control fairly easily. The knee is very much more comfortable again and the chilblains have completely departed – thanks to the sun. I am getting very little sleep but that does not seem to worry me very much and I am thriving on it as usual.


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