Daily Archives: March 10, 2018

10 March 1918

Gorgeous weather for the last three days – a bit cold at nights perhaps with a sharp frost, but a really hot sun making up for everything by day. We are back once more in our old home in the line -not quite the home as we left it.  My dear little Orderly Room has gone, something hit it, and being about as strong as a house of cards it not unnaturally collapsed.  My new office is below ground and therefore comparatively safe. Unfortunately like most underground dwelling places it suffers from a lack of light and air: I loathe having to do all my work by candlelight, but I suppose it cannot be helped. Otherwise our home is much as it always was.  I am in the same bed, the other being occupied by the C.O. instead of old John Burnett who always used to share the room with me. The silly old gentleman over the way makes a good deal of noise, and kicks up the dust a bit and throws things about, but on the whole manages to do remarkably little damage, & causes us little or no anxiety.    The Sportsman turned up yesterday and the chocolate, three days ago, for which I have, I believe, already thanked you. It was very good and I demolished the last piece about 2.30 AM this morning when I came in from my nightly prowl round the line.  I am really very fond of wandering about more or less at random round the line, accompanied by the faithful and imperturbable Sullivan.  The only thing we need now to complete our state of bliss is a crocus or two and a snowdrop, they don’t seem to grow in this horrible ploughed up country – its all potatoes and mangles.