7 March 1918

Very many thanks for another letter, also for the toffee tin of chocolate which fetched up today and will be very acceptable in trenches. The weather today has been really lovely and I got quite hot walking round the line this morning: poor Sullivan perspired freely, he is becoming obese, and I walk rather fast at times. Our A Coy played their final match this afternoon against Bde HQ and managed to beat them – 3-1 thereby winning the “Rowley” cup. The General presented it himself after the match amidst great applause, and it was subsequently filled with cheap champagne and much quaffing took place amongst the team. We all went over to see the game which was not by any means a bad one. It was rather amusing in the dim hours of this morning.   We were all woken by a distant bombardment – nothing very much, probably only someone doing a raid. There were also a few distant gas shells about, and the sentries duly warned us to be alert. The old Soldiers like myself merely turn over and go to sleep again for all these noises – we did so – not so the C.O. – the sentry sent to warn him found him pacing up and down the road. If he is going to turn out every time a few gas guns go off I am afraid he may find himself somewhat short of sleep before many days are out. It is quite probable that Moore will be going for a six months rest very shortly and I should not be surprised if Burnett gets some job or other away from the Battalion. Should that happen Jim Griffiths will be the only officer senior to me except the Colonel. I am getting most horribly old, and shall have to try and raise a little dignity and give up my childish behaviour. Moore deserves a rest, as he has 3 years continuous service in the line and has never been sick.   He is a good fellow.


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