Daily Archives: March 6, 2018

6 March 1918

Here we are once more amidst the scenes of war; one might almost say home again.   This is a comparatively quiet sector and we are all more or less glad to be back again.   In fact my orderly – Sullivan, and myself felt quite light-hearted and light headed when we found ourselves once more walking along the old familiar “grid” paths and trenches.  We have a most excellently comfortable H.Q. with a very nice little bedroom attached to the Orderly Room in which Dunlop and I have each got a bed.   Dunlop, in case his name is new to you, is my assistant.  He never does any work except when I am away, but he has an excellent manner and always manages to look extraordinarily busy. The weather today has been simply grand – cold of course except in the middle of the day, but fine throughout, and the sun when shining – splendid.   I am now looking forward to the first day when one can say there is a real feeling of spring in the air – there is not of course at present. I believe all the trenches we are likely to have to deal with at present are fairly dry so I shall not – thank goodness – need my waders. It makes all the difference to one’s enjoyment of life if one can get round the line dry-shod.