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4 March 1918

There is just time for a line or two before the post goes, so I may as well write it though there is not a great deal to write about.   The weather has greatly improved and is now very much warmer – fortunately for the chilblains which are now much less noticeable.   We are going to trek again tomorrow, and if it keeps fine, ought to have quite a good march – though a longish one.   Bromfield was over here this morning to see one or two friends – his battalion is also moving but in the opposite direction.   This afternoon I rode out to try and find Tetley who used to command the 4th and is now somewhere about – but could not discover him.  He is the Colonel I met that Sunday morning in the Park when we went for a walk after Church.    Great amusement is being caused in the Mess by the introduction of what is known as Doomsday Book.   Hitherto the drinks have been equally divided amongst all of us, and we all paid the same shares.  The new C.O. objects to this as being unfair to the tee-totallers, (there aren’t any), so we now have to write down every drink we have.   “Two –pennorth” of lime juice sounds most odd.  I suppose we shall get used to the idea in time.   Our little Doctor is still away: we were expecting him back today but he has not put in an appearance.   The emaciated one is becoming somewhat more lively, and I daresay, in time, if he stayed long enough – he might become quite a cheerful fellow.  Lady Mary and I are rapidly becoming friends and she went very well indeed this afternoon.  She jumps about at almost anything out of the ordinary – but I would far rather she did that then be absolutely devoid of any spirit at all.   Some animals are most horribly dead and uninteresting. No time for more.   The Post Corporal is waiting.