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1 March 1918

We are now on our way out of the training area, our “rest” is at an end, and we shall presently find ourselves in trenches again before the year is over.   At present we are on “trek”.  I hope now that we are no longer “resting” that I shall have more time for letter writing.   Latterly I have been worked from 6.45 am to 11.00 pm without intermission.   In “work” of course I have to include all the sports and functions that one has to attend.   Do not imagine that all my time is spent mugging in the office.  For instance the night before last we had a most successful battalion dinner – it was a great show, but as Adjt I had of course to stay to the bitter end, and as far as letter writing was concerned I might just as well have been in the middle of the Sahara.   Wade, the Bde Major, came to dinner with us and we displayed all our vocal powers to great advantage.  The news C.O. – Wood by name is a very good soldier and will doubtless do the Battalion a lot of good.  However he can never be the friend to us all that Currin was.  The change has meant a deal of work and worry but we are getting over it be degrees.   First of all, our no1 Platoon not only won the Bde Rifle and Bayonet Competition but also beat the best platoons in the other two Brigades, and so walks off with the silver medals given by the Army Rifle Association, for the best platoon in the Division (144 platoons).  Gen. Rowley, the Brigadier offered a cup for football, for the best Coy team.  Our A Coy is in the final against Bde HQ. and should win this too.  At all events they have already beaten A. Coy of the 4th – our oldest and most dangerous rivals.   We are having very grim weather just at present – snow, hail, and rain – and most horribly cold.  I am all “be-chill-blaned” in the heels, and have a thoroughly rheumatic knee – “bon n’est ce pas”.  The new mare – “Lady Mary” or “the Hon. Sybil” – I cannot decide which is a very comfortable ride, and since the first day I have not had any real trouble with her, though she is inclined to be a bit frisky after standing about in the cold.