12 December 1917

We had a very good little dinner last night, Burnett, Banwell, Brooke, Cole and myself – in a littler room at the back of a provision shop in the neighbouring city.   The dinner was excellent, remarkably cheap – and the party a very merry one.  We forgot all about fighting and enjoyed ourselves immensely.   Not the least enjoyable part was the ride home on a clear frosty night – about six miles – incidentally about half an hour before some foolish aeroplane dropped a bomb or two on our “dining” city.

There are one or two books I should like, if they are obtainable.  I find I am appallingly ignorant about all our S. African Campaigns – Zulu Wars, Bechuanaland, and Matabele Shows – Jameson Raid and the 1st S.A. Business.  If you can find either a fairly full history of S.A. or separate histories of all these wars I should be very grateful.  A sort of summary giving the name of a battle or two is of no use to me.  I want to study the tactics of these little shows, so that I expect nothing will be any use except a separate thing on each war.

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