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28 November 1917

I hope you were not unduly alarmed at my description of by battered cranium – it is nothing very terrible.  I have already changed from a wet to a dry dressing and expect to be rid of all these cumbersome bandages tomorrow.  A few strips of plaster will be amply sufficient for the following day or two, and then nothing more will be needed at all.  I daresay my old tin hat will be l little uncomfortable at first but my head will very soon get hard again.   In five days at the outside I shall be back again in my office.  Meanwhile one C.S. Allen is occupying my pew, and according to all accounts making a most horrible hash of things.   So the sooner I get back the better.   I am always very chary of assistants when I am there so am probably rather to blame for not having trained anyone to take my place when away.   Mind you tell me all about your visit to his Lordship in London, and what the great man talked about – I expect he was as amusing as ever though they say the war has made him very old.  This Cambrai show seems to have been first-rate – I wish we could have been in it – I am longing for a really good scrap, well managed and successful.