25 November 1917

No1 Casualty Clearing Station

You have already anticipated my ailments by the address. Do not reply to it because by the time you have got this and your answer got back here, I shall also have got back to the Regiment.  I have not been wounded – nothing so exciting – but have had a nasty jar.  My horse – not my usual quite mare, but an unruly brute that contrary to all advice I tried to ride – bolted and then slipped; we came down together, and I off.   My head came first and struck the pave road at about 12 m. per hour – my shoulder followed at about 8 and the legs at about 6.  First and foremost my knee did not even tremble – my thigh was a bit bruised – likewise my shoulder but the collar bone stood it like a Trojan.  My head of course was a little battered and my senses very temporarily driven out – to wit about 3 seconds entirely – they are coming back piecemeal and are mostly home by now.   Some gunners very nobly took me in and cleaned me up a bit – I was bleeding most ‘orrible – then sent me to the nearest Ambulance whence I eventually arrived here.   There are three holes in my head; two have healed up already.  The third is going well but is deeper and will take a day or two – it got as far as the bone.  They have shaved about a third of my cranium which makes it look most peculiar but there is no pain and no longer any headache.  It took the best part of 48 hours to get my senses fully back – and I am really not at all sure that I am not still a little dazed though I feel all right.   They will probably keep me here a week or so, then send me for a week to a rest camp and then back – possibly it will be even a quicker job than that.  I hope so.  I am afraid the Colonel is rather sick with me for trying to ride the beast – however I will make my peace when I get back.

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