13 November 1917

I got rather tires of waiting for my third “pip” to come through, so sent in a hastening notice which has produced a permit from the Divisional Commander to wear the rank, so you may now address me as Captain & Adj. – It is not really of any importance because it carries no pay with it, however I suppose to the uninitiated 3 pips look better than two, there is no real news of any importance.  I have seen Col. Toller once or twice lately – he seems very fit and I think still manages to enjoy the war all right.  He is living not so very far away and I dare say we shall see more of him now than we have for some time past. OIf Col. Jones there is no news at all – no one seems to know where he is – perhaps Italy.  We are all very busy just at present and there has in consequence been even more “paper” than before, if such a thing is possible.  Even as it is I believe we are much better off than a great many other units, we certainly manage with fewer clerks, and less stationery boxes.

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