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28 October 1917

Just a very hurried line to let you know that I am alive and kicking but most terribly busy.  There seems to be a never ending stream of paper going through the orderly room.   My clerks are very faithful but sometimes most inordinately slow and I get, am now, very bad tempered.   To judge by your letters the country must be looking very nice indeed just now with autumn tints at their best.  There are one or two spots round here that are by no means bad.  Wollaston and I have been for a ride of about 22 miles today to visit our brethren of the “Second line”.  Slingsby Williams seemed very fit and well but Vincent did not look up to much.  There were also one or two others there that I have seem about the place before.  They were dwelling in a part of the country that we inhabited ages ago and it was curious and very interesting to see huts and things springing up on ground where we walked with exceeding care.   The C. O. has come back from his conference rather tired but otherwise very fit.   It is good to get him back again.  Burnett now becomes second in command again – and incidentally “John” instead of “Sir”.  Petch and Russell both got a slight wound a few days ago, but I do not think it will be a very long job with either of them though I daresay they will get to England.