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23 October 1917

To H.G.H

There is not much concrete about us that I have been able to discover but they have just installed electric light which is a very great saving to the eyesight.  A guttering candle and small handwriting are enough to blind one in a very short time.  We have certainly comfortable and moderately safe quarters so have no complaints.  I seem to have solved the knee problem most effectively.   At first I had rather more trouble with it than I cared to think.   It was very swollen at times and also exceedingly stiff after a night of sleeping in my breeches.  At times it was so weak I could do scarcely anything with it.   I now keep it bandaged always day and night, with a pad of thermogene wool all round it.  The result is good, and there are no more swellings or stiffness and I can do as I like with the joint.