Daily Archives: October 21, 2017

21 October 1917

The Colonel has gone away for a week to a wretched conference and J Burnett is now in command.  It will mean rather more work for me as the C.O. was in the habit of doing a very great deal himself.   However I don’t suppose that will worry me much.   The C.O. is a great man as I said before.  No one knows yet what is going to become of Col. Jones – he was over to dinner a few nights ago, and is at present out of a job.

I have been to two most extraordinarily good concerts at our neighbouring town – in the local theatre.  They were given – (are given I should say as it is a nightly show) – by a Divisional Concert Party: about a 20 performers and a string orchestra of 25.   It was a wonderful show, and the ladies were positively marvellous.  Of course they are lucky to get the theatre, as it costs them very little, and with large audiences – it is always packed – they can make any amount of money and keep a good store of dresses and scenery.   We played another of our league matches again yesterday and won it – against the 4th.  It is the first we have managed to win.  The other two were drawn and lost.  Unfortunately our Captain got badly knocked yesterday and will be away for at least a month if not more.