Daily Archives: October 17, 2017

17 October 1917

Many thanks for the two letters, and one from Tom. It’s a pity I cannot drop over for a day or two to see you – just at present I think on the whole there is too much work on hand.  It is really surprising the amount of work there is to do – one is never idle & seldom has a minute to oneself.  I find I do very well with only six hours sleep in the twenty four, and am getting quite accustomed again to sleeping in my boots.  Col. Jones was over again yesterday – he is still at a loose end, and does not seem to have the slightest idea what is going to become of him.  I hope they do not get rid of our present commanding officer, who really does deserve the title “Great man” for many reasons.  He is just the sort of fellow it does one good to work for – so, as you can imagine, I am quite content.  You will be sorry to hear I have been indulging in poetry again, a sad habit.  In this case I am afraid I cannot send it along home as it is topical and concerns our doings too intimately to pass the censor.  Poor Old Williams has been sent to the second line much to his distress – however I expect we shall be able to get him back again all right in a month or two.  I see F.W.R. Greenhill has been killed – the man who broke my collar-bone for me