7 October 1917

The weather has taken a distinctly unfavourable turn.   It is raining now and has been doing so most of the day – it did so yesterday – it will I dare say do the same tomorrow.   The worst thing about this country is that when it starts raining – which it does fairly often, it never seems to want to stop, and what’s more it comes down in bucket-fuls.  We are just at present at rest in the very desirable residence with the tennis court – hardly useable just now.  We work very hard all the morning but devote the afternoon mostly to games and such-like pastimes. There was to have been some rugger today but the weather was too terrible. I was to have been referee: perhaps it is just as well that the game was cancelled.

After Church Parade this morning I rode over to see the 1st Btn who were not far away. I did not manage to see Col. Jones but came across John – a company commander whom I met at the Base. It rained the whole way back and I got very wet but I don’t know that that mattered very much. There was an early celebration this morning to which I got – there is usually one once a fortnight to which I can get, in fact the average is nearly 2 for every 3 Sundays.

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