24 September 1917

It is very nice having plenty of work to do again, and plenty I certainly have.  There seems to be a never ending stream of paper pouring in upon us from every possible source, and every sheet has to come through me as a sorting office, before being disposed of – wither by the C.O, or by various Company Commanders and other important officials.  The Commanding Officer – Col. Turnble returns from his leave today and we expect to see him here tomorrow night.  I am wondering what he looks like – as my only view of him is a papers picture of him and his wife leaving the Church.  Everybody says what a good fellow he is, so I expect we shall get on very well together.  However it is just a little hard on a man to come back to his Regiment to find an unexpected and disturbing element in his Orderly Room.  The weather has been absolutely glorious ever since I got back, and except for half an hour one night I have not had to wear my raincoat at all.  It has probably been the saving of old wobbly knee, because if I had to start right away in wet & slippery trenches I shudder to think what would have happened.  As it is I am partially broken in now, and do not mind what the weather does.  My new mare – or rather my new mount – since she is one of the oldest soldiers in the Battalion – is Dolly, ridden successively by Aubrey Sharps, Wollaston, myself when acting Adjutant in 1915, and then Charles Shields for a very long time.  She is very quiet with the except when guns go off, and then she hops about a little: she is never any trouble, and is just the sort of animal I want.   We are getting swarms and swarms of officers, and shall soon have one for every ten men in the Regiment.   They are not all over bright, but I daresay we shall turn them into some fort of soldiers before the war ends.  I personally find that I am becoming very fierce – and awfully bad-tempered.

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