19 September 1917

I am still very busy indeed, & have very few moments to spare for anything but work, as you have doubtless gathered from the shortage of letters that you have received.   I have simply not had time to write – except one miserable field service postcard which I sent off to Dini just to show I was still alive. It was, and is, so very nice getting back to really hard work, and though at present I have an extra large allotment I think it not improbable when I get things more sorted out, I may have a little more spare time.   Everybody keeps very fit & in the best of spirits, & I keep on meeting old friends, who all seem just the same as ever.  I went round to old Bonnassieux this morning swaggering about with two ribbons “up” – a croix de guerre & a military medal.  I shall probably go & dine with him in a day or two when we get a little less warlike.  Today we have been much amused by a visit from a newspaper man – some reporter from the town of Leicester who wanted to see how we lived.  He was much impressed, and I think on the whole enjoyed himself, though he was a little bored with a steel helmet and a respirator which he had to carry.

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