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6 September 1917

Thank goodness my stay in this abominable place is coming to an end & I join my Battalion tomorrow.  At least we set forth to join our units tomorrow, the journey is always liable to take a little time. However I expect the next letter that you get from me will come from that haven of rest – Btn H.Q.  I have met several friends down here since I last wrote.   First of all I ran into Trotter who was in the Head form with me, next Cannon – “Long Percy” who used to be one of Kemp’s H.Q. Mess.  The latter is an Instructor at the Training School to which all these Depots are attached.  At the same school is a very merry Captain in the 4th Btn. named Bobby Evans whom I know well, & one in our second line whom I know slightly.  I dined with Cannon in their mess the night before last – thereby having quite a respectable meal, a thing which it is impossible to get here.  Last night two of us had dinner down in the town, where I spent most of the day – it was too hot to do much except sit of the beach & look at the sea.  All the heat was apparently working up for a gigantic thunderstorm which we had last night.  The lightning was as bright as I have ever seen, & the rain came down in bucketfuls, simply swamping most of our tents.