11 January 1917

Several more of less exciting thing have happened since my last letter. The first incident occurred the night before last and can only be described as disastrous.  I went up with a party to do some wiring; not that an Adjutant generally does things of that sort – but I happened to be the only person who knew the way.  The night was very dark and I suddenly felt my left leg disappear from under me down a hole.   It went right down and my right leg stayed on top, twisting my right knee, and slipping a cartilage.  Fortunately the cartilage decided to return whence it slipped: but the necessary walking that I had to do that night and yesterday morning have resulted in water on the knee.

The next piece of excitement was yesterday morning in the early hours.   Creed was out with a patrol when they sighted some Boches.  He immediately went for them, wounded and captured their officer, and scattered the enemy back to his line.   This of course was great and we are celebrating it with a “bust” tonight.   I am settling down all right into my new job, and I think will very soon get the hang of things.   There is plenty of work which is one thing I like, and also plenty of room for improvement. If we can only manage to introduce a little of the last we shall get along very well.  I have a very good Sergt Major to help me.


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