21 December 1916

There is still no sign of any of my parcels – I very much doubt if anything posted after the 14th or thereabouts will reach us much before the New Year – there is such a tremendous amount of baggage to deliver.

Godsal has had a most amusing book of cautionary rhymes sent him called the “Hun Hunters”.   It is very cleverly illustrated & costs half a crown – quite worth getting.   Some of the allusions are very topical & not to be understood by those who have not been with the B.E.F. but most of it is plain sailing.  Anyone can understand:-

“Generals are chosen I am told

For being very, very old”—

Col Jones has gone on leave – he is not very fit & had had a bad cold, cough etc. – Before he went he had a long interview with the Brigadier, in which it was decided that in the event of Allen’s departure I took the place.  The C.O. won.   Should Allen not go – I shall go & understudy staff work at Div. H.Q. a poor “office-boy” sort of a game.   So far nothing has come through about Allen.     Huskisson has come back from leave, feeling very fit & bringing a turkey & half a stilton: the latter has to be chained at nights but is very good all the same. The rusty nails flavour is very predominant.   It is getting very late & I have a long day tomorrow, so I must stop.


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