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11 December 1916

Very many thanks for your letter.  I cannot say that I found the enclosed note from M.T.S. but doubtless it was there since you said it was. I am glad our old friend the clarionet has turned up safely, some day perhaps I shall resume my experimental labours upon it!   I might also have it out here & play it in the front line trenches if we find we cannot beat the Boche by any other fairer method.

We devoured the goose last night & found it excellent though we were a small party for so large an animal. Huskisson is still away on leave, & the always delicate Cannon has left us, this time I think for good.  He has had a horrid cough for some time & yesterday morning he nearly collapsed. The Doctor diagnosed bronchitis, congestion of something & a hopelessly futile heart, so he has gone for a trip to the S. of France, & is not likely to see any active service again.  He was very upset about having to go – not to say a little worried about the heart – he has had rheumatic fever once.

We had all sorts of high jinks yesterday evening when the alarums & excursions of this foolish war caused us all to take cover with great rapidity. The Bosch was unkind enough to send a few foolish little pip squeaks over after dinner, & actually chipped some of our tiles & smashed a window.   Down to the cellar we all went, those in rear hustling the others, the General pushing with the rest & everybody thoroughly enjoying themselves. The weather is horrible – rain hail & sleet at all & every hours of the day, mud everywhere, & very cold at night, – jolly old war.

So “Au Revoir”