3 December 1916 (2)

Hotel Dorvaux. Boulogne

Just a hurried line to let you know that we got across all right today & are going on tomorrow. The sea was positively glass-like & we got across very comfortably in spite of a fairly thick mist which enshrouded the channel.   I met the R.T.O. Saward ?  as soon as we arrived – he is the man who put me up for the night last time I was here.   He is coming to dinner with us tonight as also is Moffat another of the railway gang we met at Marseilles.  He is a cheery fellow & I was quite glad to see him again for a few minutes.  Apparently today was the first day of the very early start form Victoria & only a few knew about it.  The result was we had comparatively few officers returning with us.  The Mans Card Depot is at present closed, but will open in the morning when I hope to be able to arrange everything satisfactorily.

The birds are so far all right & unless we get seriously hung up ought to last all right.   The hamper was so large that I dispensed altogether with the black haversack, & have left it at the flat for Dad to call for anytime en passant. I have just met a man in a tea shop that I have not seen for ages. I first saw him – not to speak to – in a theatre at Luton.   Next in March 1916 in a dug-out where I again recognized him, &, if I remember right had tea with him.  And now I spotted him again.  He tells me Boosey is acting Staff Captain of his Brigade, & is consequently a mighty man.

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