3 December 1916 (1)

Alexandra Pavilion for Officers

52 Grosvenor Gardens.   S.W.

I have just five minutes to spare before starting the 2nd time for the Station.   Things, as is often the case on the S.E.C.R. do not seem to be working with commendable smoothness.   I was there quite early for the 1st train & met by a R.T.O.  who did not seem to agree with my intentions to travel by it.  The railway with more thoughtfulness had provided a train for each office – mine is going I believe at 7.20 or 7.30 or any old hour, & I am O.C. train.

I had a very comfortable night here & slept excellently.  Tell Mrs Norman that the bed, bath & breakfast were first rate – my only criticism being

  • all officers with horrible coughs should be refused admission
  • if bacon & eggs are provided for breakfast, an extra charge might be made, & a table-napkin provided
  • More air might be admitted to the Dormitory

It really is excellent & one has no right to criticize at all

The turkey & goose turned up in a monstrous hamper so I have packed some of my things round them – trousers etc – They look very tempting & I only hope they won’t fly away on the journey.

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