19 November 1916

Just a very hurried scrawl to tell you that I propose coming on leave & may even arrive before this epistle reaches you.   The exact date of my departure & arrival on the other side has not as yet been disclosed to me, but it will I think be at an early date.

The Boxing yesterday went off very well in spite of most appaling weather.   It was very cold & inclined to sleet, so you can imagine that the conditions were by no means ideal for an open air performance.  However everybody played up very well & there was some very pretty boxing.  We saw several knock-outs & fortunately there was not much “blug” about except on one Gentleman’s nose.   Personally, I think it is a very poor game banging each other about.

The 5th won the Light Weights & they Heavy – the 4th & 5th other people carried off the Feathers & the Middles.

Tomorrow we are doing a little scheme & I as usual represent the enemy.  Unfortunately they cannot spare me many people & I have to put up a flag or two to represent my battalions, while a couple of drums have to do the work of my machine guns.   However I expect I shall win because my arguments, though generally unsound, are always specious & can convince the average umpire.   No time for more I must go & issue my orders A!

Home on leave from Nov 22nd – Dec. 3rd.    4 Leave


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