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26 August 1916

It is a positively disgracefully long time since I wrote to you, though no doubt you saw my letters to other members of the family.  I have been kept pretty busy on the whole one way and another and have not had over much time for anything but work for the Department.   Work has been very much as usual for the last few days.  I still wander round and look at the other people whenever I get the chance, and make occasional visits to batteries to learn details of any new things, and in general keep going the cooperation between them and us.   Yesterday morning I was stung on the nose by a bee – a most unpleasant performance.  Fortunately there was a doctor at no great distance to whom I flew with the maximum possible rapidity.  With the aid of a little carbolic he was able to prevent what I most dreaded – a bulbous nose, and I have nothing to shew for it.  We are having very hot weather and on one or two days there has been a most splendid view – just the thing for us of course.  Today there are a few slight showers but nothing to hurt.  I have been riding each morning before breakfast, and come back feeling very fit indeed, especially after the cold bath.  The mare goes very well indeed and thoroughly enjoys herself on these excursions.  Reports have just come in so I will stop and attend to them.