19 August 1916

(To H.G.H.)

Very many thanks for the letter which came to me while still I hospital – here is an answer better late than never.   War is a most amusing and diverting occupation but after a time it begins to affect one’s youth.  I am about twice as old as I was 18 months ago and worth about half as much.  My hair is not actually grey but a sudden shock such as a shell bursting somewhere near no longer leaves me unaffected.  On such occasion I recover to find my heart going about 400 to the minute and my hand shaking. – In the old days one sneezed and walked on.  All this is very depressing but I cannot help taking it into consideration, when I start thinking as I sometimes do, on what I am going to do après la guerre.  It is very much the same with all of us who have been out any length of time and I expect from all accounts it is considerably more so with the Bosch which is one consolation.  The knee is going well, still bandaged but giving no trouble – nor will it again, in my opinion though the Doctors will not guarantee that it won’t start all over again with no apparent provocation. I have been round trenches today, and was round yesterday – the rain makes walking rather unpleasant, but I am quite glad to get back again.


4 thoughts on “19 August 1916

      1. Thank you for your reply. I have been reading these letters from the beginning and thought I had seen H.G.H. mentioned before but was unable to recall who it was (although I thought from the final initial that it was probably a family member).

        It’s been fascinating to follow his correspondence, I hope there will be many more over the next couple of years.


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