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15 August 1916

I am still in the same spot but everything has gone so well that I should not be surprised if they let me return tomorrow. The knee has almost entirely healed up, and there is not I think anything left which could cause another outbreak. I shall not be at all sorry to get back as I have been away about a fortnight and am getting hopelessly out of touch with affairs. Cannon has been doing my job and is I think pretty tired of it – at any rate I gather he will not be sorry when I get back. Hacking has returned to his regiment and his place has been taken by an elderly Subaltern named Huskinson who seems to be quite a good sort. Bonnassieux is running the mess at present, I only hope they won’t want me to take on the job again when I get back. I do not much love doing it. We have had several changes in the patients. “Face” is still here but the bibulous and ferocious Scotchman has gone. There was a Doctor with a gnat-bitten “lip” for a few hours and the patient with dysentery is still in existence. Tonsillitis and trench fever have gone up today for the first time, and two new ones have come in who are on their way through to the C.C.S. One of them who has had rather a hard time of late and is badly shaken has been awarded four months rest in England – so he has nothing to grumble about.  The hospital staff are still going strong: i.e. the Major and the two corporals who attend to us.  The night corporal is a most excellent fellow and very thorough – so much so that I am not really sorry that there is no longer need for any formentations.  His were always most efficient, not to say efficacious – it was all I could do not to scream during their application.  I forgot in my last letter to thank Andrew for the photos which are excellent – though I must say that you are not exactly wearing a “this-is-a-grim-war” expression in one of them – doubtless you know which one I mean.  I have got quite a collection of family photos now but can always do with lots more.  It has now consented to rain again and I am very doubtful whether it means to stop before next year.  According to the count, with the wind in this quarter it very often rains for a month or so at this time of year – so we know what to expect at all events.  I had another trip to town yesterday afternoon.  My purchase included some most delicious meringues, some very tasty (and talkative Cheese) and some greengages which were not at all bad.  I also got a pot of “foie gras” which I gave to the Doctor’s mess by way of a thank offering for the kindnesses conferred, and to pave the way for future trips, if not for myself, at any rate, for future patients.  I censored a letter of Bosworth’s today in which he told his wife that we should very soon be returning to Bde Hq. probably today or tomorrow, so I suppose he thinks I am about cured.  He is a curiously silent and ugly person but a very useful little man, and I should probably find it very difficult to get a better batman.  My room so far is mine alone, and will remain so unless some luckless officer arrives in the middle of the night, when, mine being the only vacant space he will be thrust into the “other bed”.  Another somnambulist is not likely, but the range of possible complaints makes the expectation all the more exciting.