23 June 1916

We are having quite good weather though a bit sultry; it’s at least warm and we have not had rain for quite a few days. Your parcel of sweets and peppermints and things arrived here quite safely – many thanks for it. I am afraid the peppermints did not last long. They never do. There was one great consolation about them this time and that was that I had at least 7/8 of the box myself. Knowing what a rush there always is for these things – I just took the box away to a quiet corner and stuffed till I came very near exploding. Truly a most horrible idea – but still very good peppermints. The day before yesterday I was just writing out my Intelligence report which has to be sent daily to Division when the door behind me opened, and a cheery boyish voice said “Hullo. What are you doing?” “Oh” quoth I without looking round “concocting the usual lies for the Division” and then glanced round – to find myself fact to face with Lt Gen Sir — —- commanding the army Corps. Fortunately for me he saw the humour of the situation and enjoyed it immensely. We were for sometime in or near to a village – almost in the front line, and it is very interesting to see how some houses are practically untouched while their neighbours on either side have scarcely one brick standing on another. The church has been hopelessly smashed up – only one wall of the tower standing – and all the roof gone. The nave is full of debris, and yet against one wall – itself all shell marked – between two absolutely shattered windows, stands a twelve foot crucifix absolutely untouched and undamaged. One face of the church clock still remains giving the time until a few days ago as 11.15. A few shells dropped in the neighbourhood, and now for some reason it says 2.45 – I expect in time it will get to 6.30 if the tower has not gone by that time. I had a letter today from Aunt Maggie and wonder of wonders – have answered it. It was written on most gaudy notepaper – bedecked with the flags of innumerable allies, all sorts and kinds of glaring colours, and in fact everything that one could desire except her address – so I have replied to c/o Caer Glow. The night before last I paid another visit to the “Bow Bells” – the show has greatly improved since I was last there and is really very well worth going to see. Their singing is splendid, and acting proportionately good – one laughs long and loudly for two hours. The 5th are in the same village – in huts – rather crowded but full of hopes that in the next day or two they may be able to get a mess together. There are so many of us who have got our Captaincies and not yet provided the customary dozen of “phizz” that if they can get a mess there ought to be one or two quite gay nights.

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