1 June 1916

An extra quantity of work must be my excuse for the long delay since I last wrote.  Most days I have been out & about round the trenches, & have only just got in from a rather hot ramble today.  Yesterday morning we rose very early & took advantage of an early morning mist.  This made a most excellent screen & enabled us to wander about all over the place, where in the ordinary course of events the Bosch could see one.  In the afternoon I rode back to our people to tell Godsal the result of my discoveries.  I also went to hear our band play – it is very restful to have a little music now & then.  They are really very good & I wish we could get some more music for them.  The day before yesterday I got up fairly early & wandered round the lines of the next Division on our left.  Apparently they had had some notice round about a spy – in any case they arrested me & hauled me off to be interviewed by their C.O.  Curiously enough I was at school with one of the Subalterns in his battalion so was soon able to prove my identity.  He made up his mind I was all right & then started a very gruff cross-examination comparing me to the description of the spy that had been sent round – thus – “fairly tall” – yes you’re tall – “dark” – yes “brown eyes” – yes.  “Wears overcoat” – yes.  “Carries gloves & stick” yes – “Captains’ badges” yes – “handsome” – No, no, you are certainly are not!  Acquitted me at once, Have a drink!  What will you have” etc.  It was all very amusing but as it took rather a long time was also somewhat a nuisance.

Our weather now is really summer like, & is at its best in the very early morning, when not as a rule unbearably hot.  I try to avoid if possible too much work during the heat of the day, & devote the majority of my energies to early morning & late evening – with an occasional night out.  It is now tea-time & I am very nearly asleep.  This is not due to any lack of sleep last night; but to the fact that after a very strenuous morning I had half a pint of beer with my lunch.  It is quite a month since I last had any – & it has made me most fearfully sleepy.  I shall certainly avoid it for the future in the middle of the day.  Our own people will be coming here in a few days, & things will probably be very different.  It is hard to imagine that there could be two people so very different as our two Brigadiers.  They’re both jolly good soldiers but in quite a different way.  I am writing this in the office dug-out which is a roomy & luxurious affair with real glass windows & a fire place – altogether a most wonderful place.

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