5 May 1916

Another very hot day most of which I have had to spend in the office – by no means pleasant.  It is a very small & stuffy room, & the only window gives on to the smelliest of smelly farmyard “piccadillies”.  Tomorrow I have to go & interview a new area to which we may be going – a mile or two away that’s all; & consequently I have had to spend a considerable part of today drawing maps of villages for billeting purposes.  Just before dinner last night the General suddenly told me that he had invited four people to dinner, & hoped there was enough to eat.  The cook & I were nearly driven to desperation but by means of a few judicious F.H.B. s managed it all right.  Though no one knew it we got to within three inches of our last bottle of fizzy water of any description, & one more drink night have necessitated a journey to the village pump. What the General would say if one offered him local water I cannot imagine.  I should probably be court-martialled on the spot.  As things turned out we were a very merry party, & the General was at his best.  There was one Colonel, one very boisterous Major & a couple of Company Commanders.  Our present abode is I find a small bakery – at least the owner is an aged lady of some ninety seven summers who makes bread for the whole of this populous neighbourhood.  The result is that we have a constant stream of callers who do not actually come into our room but always stare for several minutes with their heads through our mess-room window.


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