20 April 1916

Since I last wrote I have had one night in the trenches, during which time I got as wet as it is well possible for anyone to get.  So wet in fact was I that I did not dare go to bed for fear of catching a chill, so walked about all night to keep warm.  There has been a certain amount of excitement in our bit of the show in a quiet sort of way; but if we have not damaged the other fellow more than he has us, then we have not done him much harm.  Mines, mortars, saucy squibs & all sorts of funny little things like that, have been making themselves felt during the last few days – but all to no purpose as far as we are concerned.  As I said before we are shortly going into rest – right out of sight of the guns, & well out of their reach.  Whether it will be a real rest, or whether we shall have to find about twenty thousand fatigues, is for the “red caps” to decide; I think there is just a chance of the former.  Why we are thus honoured nobody seems to know, because we have not been in the line very long, & before that we seem to have been doing nothing but resting – one way & another.   Our new headquarters will not be as comfortable as these – I, for one, am in an empty room instead of a nicely furnished little boudoir.  There will be no bed except a home–made affair of some rabbit wire on a few poles.  However I dare say it will be pretty country & it will be possible to get a nice ride or two now & then.  There are rumours that leave will re-open & I think it quite possibly will sometime next week; so don’t despair of seeing me soon.

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