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14 April 1916

Viccars is arriving back tonight, & the General had given me permission to go on leave tomorrow. The fates however were unwilling & late last night a wire came cancelling all leave until further orders.  I think there is good reason to hope it will come on again, none of us know why it has been stopped: when it does resume it’s normal course I shall put in an appearance.   The attached Staff Captain from England has returned whence he came, & I think enjoyed himself immensely.  I took him up to the trenches yesterday afternoon & we spent the night in the dug-out.  Several shells came quite near enough to make him think, & during the night we went for a most interesting & illuminating little walk all over the place.  At one critical period of our ramble he got absolutely stuck & had to come away without one of his gum-boots, which I afterwards salved for him.  There were one or two whistling bullets going over very high up, but I think he pictured himself hopelessly stuck in full (moonlight) view of the Bosches who were cruelly potting at him, during his frantic efforts at self extrication.  In reality of course there was no danger – I could not risk it as should have been most horribly strafed if the fellow had been hit or anything unpleasant of that sort.