12 April 1916

Just at present I am feeling very important.  Not only am I officiating as Staff Captain but I am also instructing another Staff Captain in his duties.  He has just come out from home to learn the job as his Brigade expects to get here sooner or later.  Viccars is due back tomorrow but as he generally manages to get an extra day or two at Boulogne or somewhere, we shall not expect him until we see him.  If he cannot manage it by any other means, he arranges to have a motor or railway accident.  Tomorrow I shall take the attached Staff Captain up to have a look at the trenches & see how we do things up there.  It is my turn for a night in the dug-out so everything works out very conveniently.  So long as the Bosch does not do anything too dreadful I shall doubtless be able to appear magnificently courageous, & conceal the fact that if a shell really did come I should run like an antelope for cover.  This morning I had to represent the Brigadier while the G.O.C. inspected a new draft.  As the latter was not in the best of humours it was not a very exciting job.  The weather was – & still is – exceedingly beastly; that is to say there is a young hurricane & a good deal of rain. We found one man in the draft who had lost the whole of his trigger finger & the use of the next one; what use they imagine he would be I do not know, except perhaps in some special job – such as signalling – or, of course; the A.S.C.

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